About Us

About Us

Our vision is to provide a portal where golfers from Switzerland and the world over can find a comprehensive overview of Swiss golf courses in one location. We make no apology for reaching out to golfers on an emotional level, drawing on a variety of images, user experiences and aesthetic design, while maintaining close attention to detail. We want to share with you the quality, beauty and variety of Swiss golf courses and increase their renown locally, nationally and internationally.

Swiss Golf Courses is an independent company, and has no interests in individual golf clubs or associations. Rather, our goal is to offer all Swiss golf clubs and the wider Swiss golfing community the opportunity to grow and connect with lovers of the sport in this country and throughout the world. Swiss Golf Courses recognises the importance of projecting the positive image of golf in Switzerland and expanding the network of exchange with golfers everywhere.

Meeting the desire for today’s golf lover to share the unique experiences of the sport throughout the golfing community, our platform is unique in Switzerland in offering players the opportunity to comment, not only on each golf course, but also about any individual fairway in the country. In this way we can all learn from the opinions and experiences of players. Our platform also offers the golfer an ideal tool, with detailed tips on individual holes and help in choosing a potential new club.

From golfers to golfers:

In the summer of 2015, our team of passionate young golfers, web designers, programmers and a drone camera crew realised their dream with the creation of Swiss Golf Courses.
We are particularly proud to finally launch what we believe to be an attractive and informative Swiss golf portal.
We hope you have pleasure in exploring this site. Tell us about your own experiences and opinions on golf courses that you know of here in Switzerland. Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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