Bürgenstock Golf Club

Bürgenstock Golf Club 9

Founded: 1928  ·  Club president: Beat Kneubühler  ·  Club manager: Maria-Angela Kühn

Since 1928, on the Bürgenberg in the canton of Nidwalden, around 850 m above sea level, golf enthusiasts have been playing on one of the oldest courses in Switzerland. As a result of the complete renovation of the Bürgenstock Resort, the golf course was extensively renovated and redesigned.

The goal of the refurbishment was not only to modernize the facility, but also to improve the safety of the old golf course and to increase the playful difficulties. So some tees were extended and two ponds installed, they are with a
creek connected.
In co-operation with environmental associations, those responsible have refrained from installing sand bunkers so that the golf course fits perfectly into the natural mountain world. Experience for yourself this unique symbiosis of golf and nature.

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Driving range with 14 tees and a pitching and chipping area. The driving range is open from 30.03.2019.


Golfevents, 6390 Engelberg , Jim Broughton , Tel. +41 (0)79 760 85 11


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E-Mail Bürgenstock Alpine Golf : golf@buergenstock.ch Tel. 041 612 64 15
geöffnet ab 6. April bis circa Ende Oktober 2019 (je nach Witterungsverhältnis)


Alpine Golfrestaurant
6363 Bürgenstock
Tel. 041 612 64 14
geöffnet ab 26. April bis circa Ende Oktober 2019 (je nach Witterungsverhältnis)

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Golf course information

Golf Club Bürgenstock
Adresse: Postfach 93
6362 Stansstad
Tel. +41 (0) 41 612 64 15
Email: info@golfclub-buergenstock.ch

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